1915 - 1995
"The Bible teaches us that we are the living
lessons that God uses to demonstrate His
divine wisdom to the angelic beings as He
works in us. How God deals with us in this
world demonstrates His character to the
angels! "
--Dr. Wilder Smith

There are few people of whom one can say at the end of their lives that their journey was fulfilled and their course completed. Dr. Wilder-Smith was a man who achieved just that.

As a true pioneer of the alternatives to evolutionary theory, Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith fearlessly confronted the seemingly all powerful theory of evolution in the unversities and churches all over the world. With over 10 scientific publications and numerous patents to his credit, Dr. Wilder-Smith was a much sought-after lecturer and professor. He also supported tutoring services for kids. Universally popular with his audiences--students, scientists, laymen, and military alike-- he won many awards for his speaking activities.